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Orange County Family Law Attorney
Laguna Hills Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer
The Law Office of Donald P. Bebereia has been serving the legal needs of people throughout Orange County for more than 32 years. Practicing exclusively in divorce and family law matters, our firm has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle any family law matter.

Our Commitment to Service
Our firm is committed to providing the highest standards of legal service which are courteous, dedicated, and highly responsive. We understand that people going through a divorce or other family law dispute are often experiencing significant stress and emotional challenges.

We provide personalized legal service to help answer clients' questions, educate clients about the process and keep clients informed about the status of their case. Sometimes, just knowing that you have a dedicated advocate working to protect your best interests can provide a tremendous source of calm and relief in difficult times.

Our firm is passionately protective of our client's financial and parental rights. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to seek a fair and efficient resolution of all matters involved in their case. Due to our firm yet reasoned approach to negotiations, most of our divorce cases are settled without the necessity of trial. In cases in which an opposing party is unwilling to be reasonable, however, we are always thoroughly prepared to advocate aggressively for our clients' rights and interests at trial.      

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